Xerri il Bukkett

Bar Restaurant Pizzeria
Triq iz Zewwieqa
Qala Malta (GOZO ISLAND)

Tél 2155 3500

All week every days


Pasta Dishes*

Bolognese (ground meat slowly cooked in a fine tomato sauce) 8.50 €
Carbonara (bacon, egg and cream) 8.50 €
Marinara (a blend of seafood and shellfish in a fresh tomato sauce) 8.50 €
Rabbit Ragù (local rabbit sauce) 8.50 €
Gozo Ravioli (fresh local pasta filled with Gozo cheese and served with tomato sauce) 8.50 €
Lasagne (layers of pasta baked in Bolognese sauce topped with cream and cheese) 8.50 €
Maltese (sundried tomatoes, Maltese sausage, peppered cheese and cream) 9.50 €
Chicken Pesto (chicken and cheesy tomatoes in a basil pesto topped with grated parmesan) 9.50 €
Curry Risotto (minced meat, apples, sultanas, chutney and a touch of curry) 9.50 €

*(Pasta dishes with additionel €2.00 when ordered as Main Course)